About us

We teach the Yang style taijiquan (tai chi) 24-step form in classes suitable for everyone, particularly beginners.

Classes have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and in them we explore taijiquan’s martial roots, as well as the benefits it has for your mental and physical wellbeing.

About Chanquanshu 

Chanquanshu is a school of Daoist Yangsheng Arts that teaches techniques based upon principles of internal energy. The school as a whole is run by Director and Principal Instructor Gordon Faulkner, based in Inverness. 

The name Chanquanshu is composed of three elements:

  •   Chan (meditation)  
  •   Quan (boxing or fist)  
  •   Shu (art)

Therefore Chanquanshu can be translated as the Art of the Meditative Fist.

Chanquanshu Edinburgh & Lothian is run by instructor Ally Macdonald. He has been practising taijiquan and kung fu with the Chanquanshu school for more than 16 years, under Moray Chanquanshu instructor Archie McAllan. Ally qualified to teach the taijiquan 24-step form in 2013.

Contact Ally if you have any questions about our classes, or to sign up and come along.