Why tai chi?

Taijiquan (often called tai chi) is a smooth, flowing series of movements; a kind of meditation in motion.

It’s a slow moving Chinese martial art, renowned for its health building and therapeutic properties. Taijiquan is practised in set sequences of movements known as forms; each form consists of a range of martial movements that should seamlessly flow from one to the next, fluidly and continuously.

Great for physical health

Taijiquan is enough cardiovascular exercise to maintain health and relative general fitness, without overworking the heart. It exercises the lungs and massages other internal organs, by encouraging you to breathe in a way that engages your diaphragm. It maintains natural healthy muscle tone without introducing tension and improves flexibility and joint movement through relaxation. It’s a great way for everyone to stay active, regardless of age, fitness or ability.

Good for calming the mind

Slowing the breath within taijiquan calms the mind, allowing a meditative state of awareness. Through it you can learn how to clear your mind and turn your awareness inward to focus on the feeling of the movements, physical structure and guiding the internal flow of energy. Slow smooth movements along with slow smooth breathing from your diaphragm, postural alignments that allow for muscular relaxation and a meditative awareness all combine to make taijiquan such a relaxing exercise – both mentally and physically.